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BodyHIIT is moving to Glenboig Life Centre

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

BodyHIIT, a popular and very challenging bodyweight HIIT class, has been helping people get fitter and stronger in Glenboig since October 2019. At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic we had to move the class online and sessions were broadcast over Facebook Live, not that this made the workout any easier! Since Coronavirus restrictions began to ease in Scotland BodyHIIT has been held at Glenboig Park on Monday or Wednesday evenings.

Today I can confirm that from this coming Tuesday (September 15th) at 7PM, BodyHIIT will have a shiny new home at the newly renovated Glenboig Life Centre! The centre partially reopened for business just last week after a lengthy and much needed renovation. A number of exercise classes have immediately made it their new home and I am very excited for BodyHIIT to really establish itself again after a turbulent 6 months during the pandemic.

If you haven't been to BodyHIIT before, you might be wondering why should you come, when there's clearly a lot of exercise classes to choose from in Glenboig nowadays? Let me hand you over to my friends Carol, Catherine and Kirsty.

Carol has been coming to BodyHIIT since the first ever session and she hates to miss it!

"BodyHIIT has been a big part of my life for the last year. I used to exercise in the past, but I would only keep it up for a certain amount of time then something would happen and my training would take a back seat.

"The high level of challenge in this class has been fantastic for me. Not once have I wanted to give up in a session. It’s been the total opposite - I want to push myself further no matter what we're doing. I’ve been set personal challenges in and out of class which always motivates me to keep improving every week. Not only that, I've now got more confidence in myself and really believe I can reach my fitness goals. I love it!"

After a long time away from exercising regularly, Catherine originally joined my classes after winning a raffle prize at Glenboig Primary School for 5 free sessions at Glenboig Bootcamp. After just a few weeks she had already started moving forward and started coming to BodyHIIT too.

"Attending BodyHIIT has been one of the best thing's I've done - not only from a fitness point of view, but even more importantly for my mental health and wellbeing.

"I started coming to class at a point when my confidence and self-esteem was very low. Even coming to a challenging class like this was so far out of my comfort zone! I had been terrified of working out as part of a group because I had been so unfit for so long. But, I had no reason to be scared. James put me at ease from the first session and has tailored my exercises every week to make sure I'm training at the right level, but also moving forward.

"I had always thought the classes like this would be too much for me and actually hinder my progress, but it has been the complete opposite. I don't just feel stronger throughout my whole body, I feel stronger in my mind too."

Kirsty started joining in with BodyHIIT via Facebook Live as part of the Stay at Home, Get Fit, Have Fun private Facebook group I offered during lockdown and she has really jumped head first in to all sessions since!

"Since getting to know James during lockdown I've been attending Glenboig Bootcamp, BodyHIIT and the free sprint sessions - I attend at least three sessions a week with him! As well as the improvements in my physical and mental wellbeing, I've really connected with his holistic methods and realistic attitude towards fitness and weight loss. He really adds value to my existing opinions and feelings on health and wellbeing.

"BodyHIIT is definitely my favourite class because it's an hour long and I can guarantee a really challenging workout to target the whole body. I used to hold myself back in exercise classes, trying to make sure I could make it to the end, but with the fitness games we play at the end of a BodyHIIT session you never quite know when the end is going to be! It really motivates me now to be pushed really hard and I love the variety of bodyweight exercises on offer. There's always a new progression to try, whilst still offering a simplification for anyone who needs it mid-workout.

"After training with James 3-5 times a week for the past two months I am now the fittest I have ever been and definitely in the best shape since I had kids!"

From this week BodyHIIT will run from 7-8PM every Tuesday at Glenboig Life Centre. Sessions cost £5 and places are only open to a maximum of 16 people. You can book your place for this week today! Just use the grey chat box in the bottom right of your browser, contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or email!

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