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Calisthenics: Become a Master of your own Bodyweight

Since reading about this impressive form of urban gymnastics in Men's Health magazine, calisthenics has been my primary physical activity since 2014 and I'm hitting some really good progressions at the moment.

Deriving from the ancient Greek words, kállos (κάλλος) and sthenos (σθένος), calisthenics can be defined as the practice of beauty and strength. There are legendary myths that suggest this was the form of training preferred by Spartan warriors, and other famous armies throughout history! As well as being my primary physical activity, I have also developed myself as a Personal Trainer to use calisthenics and bodyweight training as the foundation for all exercises and training methods in every group class and PT session that I deliver. By focusing my clients efforts and attention on mastering control of their own bodyweight, whilst working towards specific health, fitness and wellbeing goals, there are no limits to what they can achieve!

You may think training like a Spartan warrior may be too extreme to you, but regressed to its simplest form, I've shown my clients that calisthenics can be an easy-to-learn and really healthy way to build strength, endurance, confidence and serious momentum towards lifelong improved fitness. No matter who you are, what your weight is, how untrained you are, what health conditions or barriers towards exercise that you have, I will use the training principles of calisthenics to continuously progress your physical health and fitness in a safe, informative and highly professional manner.

Better yet, sessions with me are available for as little as £25/hour until and can be carried out at from the comfort of your own home. All of my Personal Training clients receive an effective, engaging and entertaining service, so what are you waiting for?

I have space for just one more client to get started with me in February, so get in touch ASAP if what you've read above appeals to you.

Email or message via WhatsApp on 07867558367 to become a master of your own bodyweight in 2022!

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