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Coronavirus: UK approaches lockdown

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

In light of new guidance and information released by both the UK and Scottish governments today, I regret to inform all Glenboig Bootcamp and BodyHIIT participants that from this point forward and until further notice, all classes will be suspended.

I've held off as much as I can, but especially with regards to the letting of the school facilities, I cannot ignore the intentions of both Glenboig Primary and Our Lady's to reduce footfall on those premises from today onwards.

A number of you have been paying monthly to attend BodyHIIT and if you would like to contact me to arrange a refund for all outstanding class payments, please do so.

The same can be said for anyone who has purchased a 10-session block at Bootcamp without attending any sessions since.

For the past 7 months the support and loyalty I've received from everyone attending these classes has been absolutely fantastic and I'm very grateful.

Both classes will be back as soon as our governments say it's safe to do so. The new community centre is hopefully going to open in the next few months and it's my intention to

move BodyHIIT in to there and hopefully increase it to 2 sessions a week if demand allows. I've not formally made an enquiry to Glenboig Development Trust about this yet, but I will be doing so.

In the mean time, the suspension of public classes opens the door for me to try the big bad world of online fitness training. I will be contacting my most loyal participants in the next week to arrange a free trial of this whilst I experiment with it and find a format that works!

I'll have to change the slogan too...

Stay inside. Get fit. Have fun!

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