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Exercise Classes in 2022

The first classes of 2022 (and contrary to what it stated in my Christmas Card) will be as follows:

Glenboig Bootcamp - Saturday 15th January @ 830AM

Bodyweight Bootcamp (Mount Vernon) - Sunday 16th January @ 930AM

Individual messages will be sent to all regular and hopeful attendees to confirm, in case you don't read this update first.

The start of 2021 was really challenging as far as exercise classes are concerned. It was announced just before Christmas Eve that the UK would be entering another period of 'lockdown' from Boxing Day. This meant that outdoor classes were officially off the menu and we had to rely on Zoom, and #PEwithJoe on Youtube, to keep us moving indoors.

Luckily for me I had a really hardcore group who kept engaging with Glenboig Bootcamp and BodyHIIT via Zoom and both classes survived all the way through 2021. I'll be honest though, it wasn't easy. Numbers for both classes have reduced consistently since the back end of 2020 and it's become harder to find new participants, especially as the media and UK Governments insist on promoting fear, rather than proactive health choices that can be made, with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite this, I am confident that the weekend classes will start to grow again, especially with restrictions set to keep reducing and then hopefully be gone for good, after UK Government emergency legislation expires at the end of March 2022.

'Bodyweight Bootcamp' at Mount Vernon Park was my latest class to get started, copying the format in Glenboig, and we made a decent start of it from November onwards last year. There are a nice handful of very committed individuals already and I will be ready to really grow attendances at this class as Spring approaches (and everyone comes out of hibernation!).

I had originally stated that all classes would resume from this weekend (Saturday 8th January), but over the Christmas break it was revealed that Tottenham Hotspur would host my beloved Morecambe in the FA Cup 3rd Round at Spurs' shiny new stadium in North London, on Sunday 9th January at 2PM. This prompted my wife to arrange a Christmas present involving a 2-night family trip to London for this weekend so that I can take in the big game! Thanks Mrs JCD!

Finally, I am sad to say that I have taken the decision to remove BodyHIIT from my diary for the time being. Attendances had dropped to just 2 during November and December last year, and as much as I enjoyed working so hard and closely with Eryn and Nicola (most regularly), I have the opportunity during the next few months to fill this space in my diary with 1-1 sessions.

BodyHIIT hit its peak in the Autumn of 2020 with regular attendances of 15+ inside Glenboig Life Centre, and one day it may return if there is sufficient demand to justify letting the hall. Thank you very much to everyone who has attended this class at any stage!

As the year progresses, and subject to the growth of attendances at existing classes, I will be on the look out to introduce a new Bodyweight Bootcamp in a new area. The shortlist for a location of the new class includes Stepps, Lenzie and as far as Kirkintilloch if needed. It all depends on where my current and potential clients are based. If you are currently based in these areas, please let me know that you would be interested in this. The same price structure will apply as per Glenboig and Mount Vernon, as shown below:

Single sessions for adults aged 18 and over - £4.50

Single sessions for teenagers aged 13-17 - £1

Single sessions for kids aged 12 and below - FREE

Block of 10 sessions (used at either class and in no set timeframe) - £30

If you are interested in buying blocks of 10 sessions for either Glenboig Bootcamp or Bodyweight Bootcamp at Mount Vernon Park, please follow the link below:

My diary is a blank canvas as the year gets underway, but it won't stay that way for long. Please get in touch promptly to get first choice on any Personal Training sessions that you require, or to ask for more information about my new intensive PT programme, Momentum.

Get outside. Get fit. Have fun!


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