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Glenboig Bootcamp cleans up Glenboig Park!

Glenboig Bootcamp was back on this morning and attended by as many people as we're allowed to under Phase 3 Coronavirus guidance.

We had a great workout but that wasn't us finished for the day...I had arranged for a litter pick to be carried out in the park and all Bootcamp attendees were more than happy to help!

I've spent a lot of the time in Glenboig Village Park since Coronavirus started and the litter has exploded since restrictions started getting lifted - polystyrene takeaway boxes, plastic energy bottles and alcohol cans/smashed bottles being picked up the most today.

Thank you so much to everyone who came down to help (not all pictured). There were 11 of us in total which meant that the bulk of the work was done in under an hour!

If you're a regular user of Glenboig Village Park please help us to keep this space clean and tidy for the benefit of everyone, not just those of us who like to get outside, get fit and have fun at Glenboig Bootcamp, but especially all of our children who love to play there.

Get outside. Get fit. Have fun!

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