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Price increase for Glenboig Bootcamp

From the first day that I started offering Bootcamp sessions at Glenboig Park I have kept the price consistently cheap - too cheap many people have told me! This was intended to make it available to as many people as possible, so that finances wouldn't be a barrier to giving it a try.

Now that the class has moved in to its second year of operation and I have a fairly consistent base of repeat customers, it's important for me to revalue this product now and price it at a level that I feel better represents the level of service I am offering.

From this weekend, the new pricing structure will be as follows:

Adults: £4.50

Teenagers aged 13-17: £1

Children aged 12 and under: Free!

Adults can also purchase 10 sessions for the discounted price of £30 and these sessions can be taken at any time - so don't worry if you bought 10 sessions at the old price and haven't used them yet, there's no expiry date. Just like before, your first session will still be free too!

As we carefully navigate our way out of the Coronavirus pandemic here in Scotland, sessions are still limited to a maximum of 15 people, from 5 different households - including me! As a result, there are now 2 sessions on a Saturday morning at 830AM and 915AM. This week they are both sold out already but cancellations are common, so feel free to get in touch and ask to be put on the waiting list.

Get outside. Get fit. Have fun!

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