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Competition and Physical Activity Survey for Glenboig Residents!

As part of my long-term commitment to see a free-to-use, multi-purpose, and family-friendly calisthenics installation brought to Glenboig, I have a very quick survey for Glenboig residents to complete, to show your support for my concept.

Everyone who completes this survey will be automatically enrolled in a competition to win a £25 Amazon gift voucher, as a way for me to thank you for your time and support!

You can find my survey here:

I will also be out and about in the village this weekend distributing and delivering flyers inviting the 'offline' residents to complete the survey and enter the competition too!

You can also see an example below of the type of equipment I'd like to see installed, either in Ramoan as part of the current Project Centre/North Lanarkshire 'Green Space Improvement' project, or behind the skatepark inside the village park.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your support to this project!

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