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Suicide Awareness Week at Glenboig Bootcamp

Thank you to all 21 participants at Glenboig Bootcamp this morning!

This week my focus was on suicide prevention and to raise awarness about this we took our group photo at 'Graham's Bench' - see @whygffoundation). 'Graham's Bench' has been placed in Glenboig Village Park (and various other locations throughout North Lanarkshire) in memory of Graham Fraser, a young man from Wishaw who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The concept behind the bench is that anyone who is struggling or needs someone to talk to can sit on the bench and get some help. Similarly, anyone who sees someone sat on this bench should stop and ask them if they are OK.

I'm delighted to say that all Bootcamp attendees today pledged that they will all stop and talk to someone if they see them sitting alone on 'Graham's Bench'.

"It's OK to not be OK."

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